You’ve probably seen or heard a lot of news discarding the consumption of processed food (esp. processed meat) claiming that it’s one of the major cause of cancer as it has been found to carcinogenic.

In numerous studies, it has be found to be unhealthy as it contributes to various heart diseases and cancer and this is due to the fact that it contains some chemicals that are not found in natural/fresh meat. This chemicals found in processed meats are as a result of the mode of preserving them. And they are preserved in order to elongate the span before perishing and to change the taste into another thing entirely.


It was clarified by the World Health Organization (W.H.O) that various of processed meat such as beef jerky, bacon, sausage, hot dogs, salami, corn beef, ham and so on. Although the main methods of processing meat seem too ordinary e.g. salting, smoking, fermentation, but, once it is subjected to high temperature through cooking, it tends to form carcinogenic chemicals that contributes to the formation of cancerous cells. WHO also claimed that consumption of processed meat can be as dangerous as smoking.


There are different Groups of Cancer (carcinogen). And each of them differs and also has different causes. So the type of medication one takesĀ  depends solely on the group in which one belongs. Based on the classification of the World Health Organization (W.H.O), Group 1 carcinogen is said o include cigarette, processed meats, asbestos amongst others, while Group 2 carcinogen includes red meat such as lamb, pork, beef. So for those who had been consuming processed meat since young age it’s just the same as smoking since young age because the after-effect will result into the same thing.


Whenever processed meat is being ingestedĀ  such as hot dog, pepperoni, salami etc., not only does it add saturated fats to the body system, it also introduces other additional toxins present in the meat into the body system. Additional toxins present are the likes of haemo iron, carcinogens, processing chemicals and so on. Even this saturated fat is not as complicated as the additional toxins present in it.


One should be very careful in terms of eating and should discard any irrelevant information except the ones that are clarified by the WHO. Some cancer groups such as the American Cancer Group are opposing this fact as they tend to even encourage the intake of processed meat on their official website. This shows that there are a lot of fake news out there and one should be very careful.



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