Walking or Running

Anyone wanting to lose weight will unconsciously think that running is more beneficial to burning calories than walking but running is not within reach of all people. However, brisk walking has beneficial effects on our body, similar to jogging, since it is a cardiovascular exercise.

More racing injuries:

Running is an exercise that mostly results in more injury than walking for a large part of the runners and especially at the knee.

Ease of walking in the long term:

Young people can run but in the long term, walking seems the most optimal choice to adopt since the risks of injuries are minimal and therefore we will not stop walking for some reason or another. So, we will continue to lose weight as long as we walk even for the elderly.

Walking to stay ZEN:

Exercising walking is an adventure of spirituality with a kind of meditation especially if you are walking in heavenly and natural places. Plan a daily walking time and you will see a difference in your mindset and concentration potential.

Eat more for running:

Running is a fairly cardiovascular exercise that is done after several minutes with a high intensity which will surely give you desire to eat more after you finish your jogging session. On the other hand, walking helps to stabilize your cravings for loss of calories in the long term without risk of gaining weight.

Hindering diseases by walking:

To avoid diseases related to muscles and bones like osteoporosis, walking will be your best ally and it also hinders anxiety and fatigue. Walking is also beneficial in decreasing tension, cholesterol as well as the risks of diabetes.