One of the most important things you can do for your health is to drink high Ph level water that is highly alkaline water as the water that comes from your tap is very low in Ph level either in the mid 5 or just 6 in the Ph scale which is not good.

In fact, our body requires a Ph level around 7 (7,2 to 7,4) and you know certainly that water includes toxins (chlorine, fluoride and all other vitamines and estrogen mimmikers), the water is highly acidic.

So we should know how to increase the ph Level and that can let the water rich in minerals and other elements which are beneficial.

We will use a bag of trails that you can buy it from Precious trails, the trails are made up of magnesium oxide something very natural and totaly harmless and what we can do this is that we are going to put this on the bottom of our water filter container where the clean water goes and what happens is that prills will naturally raise the ph level of your water by 1 or 2 points which is fabulous and we should know that prills is that it breaks the surface tension of the water and so your water will be much more nourishing to yourself the molcules of water wil be bioavailable  to yourself.

Sometimes, you feel like no matter how much water you drink your thirst just doesn’t quench that’s because the watter you drink is not hydrating. There are two factors involved with water :

1/ Irrigation

2/ Hydration

The trails make the water smooth and make the water easy for yourself to absorb and use along with water that’s easily taken in are also nutrients that you digest through your food they are easily taken into your cells nourish and detoxify yourself so prale’s are a fantastic way to increase the Ph level of your water and also break the surface tension of your water and make make it more palatable.

How to make water alkaline with trails ?

You should rinse the bag of trails for 3 – 4 minutes as the instruction says and place it at the bottom of our water filter container and it will take about few hours for the water to be fully charged with magnesium oxides and riased our Ph level of our water and it will also break the surface tension.

Check below if you want to identify the products that you will need for this :