If you want to avoid having as much medical consultation at your dentist, you are on the right address because we recommend a series of remedies of our great mothers against oral problems (bad breath, canker sores and others) .

In the majority of cases, these problems that generate you are caused by a number of causes such as poor hygiene of your teeth, dietary imbalance, digestion worries or even pregnancy.
Generally the situation is not critical but you feel uncomfortable thing that you can solve just by applying the magic recipes of our great mothers to appease this pain.

For canker sores, you can take lemon juice to alleviate the pain they cause you while mouth sores (for children as for adults), you can take salt water and it is the same A recipe recommended for pregnant women who suffer from gingivitis.

In addition, there are other simple solutions to apply for small health problems of your mouth and teeth like bruxism. Indeed, crushing the teeth all night long translates, in the majority of cases, that the person is suffering from stress and this can be solved without the need to consult a doctor.

In addition, mauavaise breath is one of the fatalities that disrupt many people especially for those who are social in nature! It is rare that they know the reasons but also that it is possible to treat this concern with miracle recipes and of course if the problem persists, consult your dentist!