8 facts of no makeup for women

8 amazing things that happen when you stop using makeup every day

1. Your friends have in mind.

When you stop using makeup every day, the first people that notice is usually your friends. Unless you have another important one. But even then, if your partner is a man, there is a good chance that transition will not be taken away.
But your friends, they’ll certainly notice these things. And they’ll leave you in a conversation, all casual, like: “So you do not actually fill up anymore, huh?” And you are not sure whether this is a question, or compliment … or just gentle pressure to start wearing makeup.

2. You have a lot of free time

You know how you do prepare for exit (even for visiting a restaurant down the street), using 10 minutes to bathe, 1 million minutes to look at yourself in the mirror while you apply makeup on your face. Well, you can ignore it all.
When you stop making up every day, getting ready to go out (even Chipotle down the street) does not take a lot of time anymore. After going to the bathroom and looking into the mirror, you wonder what you should do. The answer is nothing. You do not need anything.

3. You have re-acclimated to your natural face without makeup.

Well, that sounds weird, I know, but when I stopped wearing makeup, I was like, you got a spit, boy! Where did they come from?
When you stop applying makeup every day, it’s like meeting the lifestyle you’ve been living for a long time, a lifestyle with a freckled face.
For the first time, you can look in the mirror and be just like who is this? In the end, however, you will know – and I would dare say, I LOVE the person I’m seeing on this mirror.

4. Lose your VIB status in Sephora.

To be honest, I do not even know what VIB means, but when I received an email from Sephora, informing me that, in order to keep my VIB status, I had to spend $ 152 more before the end of the year. I could not help but feel a bit nostalgic for the days they left.
I recently went to the regular “Belle Insider”, which is irregular because of my degradation, I felt like an alien when I go to the place for the “love of ancient times.” No one mentions my name tag or offers me help. They see my pores and their eyelashes harmful, and they know that I have no hope.

5. You doubt Yourself.

Finally, when you stop making makeup every day, you will arrive at the time you doubt yourself. In a crowded room on Friday night you will ask your boyfriend if you let the outdoor scene with new hands and lipstick and luxurious rays.
This is the part where you need to get together – emotionally. You are as magnificent as you are. And if you want to use lipstick, eye pen, mascara and sunscreen, nothing keeps you beautiful for long. Believe it or not, what you do with your face depends only on you.

6. Throws around makeup bags everywhere you go.

It makes my boyfriend annoyed because he does not understand the point of the bag and is nervous when I have to “check” my luggage at the airport and not “spend” because of the presence of makeup in my bag, which is liquid, and I never use it.
But here’s what friends never understand about going around with makeup everywhere, even after stopping makeup every day: you do it by custom. Do it just in case. Because, though you never had to use it, there is consolation in knowing that it is there.

7. When you put makeup, you feel very beautiful.

I would like by default if I did not tell you sometimes I always wear make-ups. Whether it’s a special event, or a visit to the beach or when on a private island with 14 girls, we all want to have pink lips and glitter, do you know what I mean?
And it’s a bit like wearing a sexy dress when it’s your usual jeans and boots. You feel a bit overwhelmed for about 43 seconds and then you feel like “Look at me, I’m a vision to think of!”
Now, when I wear a makeup, I have fun with it. Looking “awesome” is not something I’m trying to achieve anymore because I know my face, of course (the huge nose and everything) is already perfect and everything that needs to be added is just playing concealment role.

8. You feel comfortable for sure.

And that’s all. When you stop working every day, you stop being fixated with all the things you need to change on your face, such as bending the nose so that it looks smaller, you are not in your head and you start to appreciate not only the natural beauty but also the natural beauty of others. This right is a really nice thing.