fruits and vegetables

Carbohydrates (commonly shortened as Carbs) is one of the classes of food that is tasked with the responsibility of providing energy to the body. They serve as the main source of energy for the body and they are the starches, sugars and fibres found in food products like grains, tubers, fruits, milk products and vegetables. It’s important to know that all carbs but fibre break down into a simple carbohydrate known as glucose and are passed into the blood stream for utilization.

Most people conclude that Diabetes is gotten when one takes too much of carbs, but in fact it’s the complete opposite. A research was conducted by EPIC on 500,000 people that carbs intake is inversely proportional to diabetes. All what it means in essence is that the more the carbs people take, the lesser their chances of being diabetic. As said above, starch is also a type of carbs, and it’s good for the body system not bad. The claim that carbs makes people fat is actually a wrong and fake fact. Carbs does not make people fat compared to lipids, it only has negative effect in some people when it is taken in high proportion. Although high proportion of carbs also has its purpose, as it helps to raise the blood sugar level for people who have Type 2 Diabetes, due to the fact their insulin level are always low.

We have some storage vessels located in our muscles known as glycogen, it is also present in our liver. So, when carbs is being taken, it is either stored or burnt to give us energy. But when it comes to fat, it goes straight ion to the blood streams and stores it’s self as fat, only little of it is burnt to produce energy. And it’s the excessive storage of fat that leads to obesity.

Here are six (6) Good Carbs that can keep you healthier;

  1. Cereals :- Cereals such as rice, sorghum, millet etc. are very rich in carbohydrate and they tend to provide the body with adequate energy. They contain both simple and complex carbs, with the simple carb in higher proportion. Therefore, this makes the conversion to glucose faster.
  2. Legumes :- Leguminous foods such as beans, peas and peanuts are found to contain complex carbs, fibre, vitamins and minerals and are essentially good for the body
  3. Oatmeal :- One of the healthiest food to be taken in the morning is Oatmeal. It has high complex carbs content and is fully loaded with fibre. With this contents, it facilitates a steady supply of energy throughout the body
  4. Wheat & Wheat related products :- Wheat contains high level of vitamins, minerals and fibre. And with this, any product made with wheat also has the same content automatically, such as pasta, wheat bread etc.
  5. Fruits :- Fruits are composed of mainly nutrients such as fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They contain simple sugars which speeds up conversion, but due to the high fibre content, it slows than digestion and makes it occur at a steady rate.
  6. Vegetables :- Vegetables are not left out, just like fruits, they contain different types of nutrient ranging from vitamins to carbohydrates and even antioxidants. They contain a higher proportion of fibre which keeps us full all day long.



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