Raynaud disease natural treatment

Raynaud’s disease is a pain for the majority of people whose extremities of their body appear in whitish color before being reddish in winter considering the rate of cooling undergone!
They find that their fingers, toes, nose, ears in white and then red but also cold enough which gives an unpleasant effect with some adverse effects: tingling, numbness and often pain.
As a remedy for our grandmothers, we suggest you to prepare a solution based on organic essential oils and 100% pure warming in winter:
o 1 drop of helichrysum essential oil (to decompose)
o 1 drop of essential oil of thyme borneol (to accelerate circulation)
o 1 drop of lemon essential oil (to revive the circulation)
o 2 drops of tangerine essential oil (to revive the circulation)
Steps :
1) Pour drops of essential oils in the palm of your hands respecting the dosages.
2) With this mixture, you rub your hands a little.
3) Then massage the area to be treated with both hands and voila!
• Citrus essential oils (lemon, tangerine …) are photosensitizing so avoid exposure to the sun.
• The use of essential oils is not recommended for pregnant women and children under 6 years.

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