food and mental health

Some specific foods can make you feel happy and energetic. Eating habit and food plays an important role to maintain the mental health. The right food maintains the mood of a person so you should know what to eat in which quantity.

Never skip the meal, as the body is unable to assimilate food and hunger can lead to bad mental health. Sugar in junk foods, soda and candy can results in bad mood of a person as it causes a sudden increase in blood glucose level. White rice, white bread and crackers has the same effect. The junk food can satisfy the taste buds but it is not good for the mental health. These are some foods which can affect the functioning of the brain.

Whole grains:

Carbohydrates are the essential source of energy for the brain as they provide glucose. Complex carbohydrates are better than the simple one. Simple carbohydrates coming from the source like soft drinks and fast food can cause a sudden increase in blood glucose level which can affect the brain. Complex carbohydrates are a slow source of glucose which steadily provide the fuel of the brain.  Wheat products, oats, wild rice, beans, barley and soy are the main source of complex carbohydrates.

Fatty fish:

The major part of the brain is made up of fats.  Our body is unable to synthesize the important fatty acids so a person should consume the food rich in omega-3s to maintain the health of the brain.  Normally the food is rich in saturated fatty acid and trans fats instead of docosahexaenoic acid and eicosapentanoic acid which is harmful for the brain. Omega-3 fatty acid causes the production of neurotransmitters like serotonin. It is good for the memory and learning. Salmon, seaweeds, chicken, sardines, herring and mackerel is rich in omega 3 fatty acid which can reduce depression and other mental diseases.

Fermented products and Yogurt:

Stress and anxiety hormones can be reduced by probiotic bacteria present in pickled vegetables, tempeh, kimchi, yogurt and kefir. It can affect the neurotransmitter GABA to maintain the mental health.

Leafy greens:

Depression, insomnia and fatigue is caused by the deficiency of folate, selenium and vitamin B.  To maintain the mental health, leafy green food such as turnip, Spanish and mustard greens should be eaten regularly. Onions, seafood, walnuts and grain product are the source of selenium. Beets, lentils and broccoli is rich in folic acid which show positive effect on the brain.  Selenium is present in broccoli which play an important role in thyroid hormone mechanism and reproduction.


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