Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal is extracted from the natural sources especially coconut shells. It is effective to remove the toxins from the body. All the toxins and chemicals are trapped by the activated charcoal and flushed out from the body. It can prevent hangovers and treat the bile flow problem during the gestation periods. Along with reducing bloating and gas, it is used to treat the drug overdoses and poisoning.

Activated charcoal is a good disinfecting and deodorizing agent.  The tiny pores of activated charcoal can trap the toxins but it is not useful against the poisoning caused by alcohol, petroleum and acids. It works on the physical process of adsorption.  It can be used for the following benefits.

Teeth whitening:

Activated charcoal prevents the bad breath, cavities and gum disease by changing the pH of the mouth. It promotes the teeth whitening by removing the stains of tea, coffee, berries and wine. Active charcoal is a cost-effective method to adsorb plaque and germs that cause teeth stain.  You can use it by dipping the wet toothbrush in the activated charcoal powder. Brush the teeth as normal then take a sip of water and spit it.

Prevents hangovers and treat alcohol poisoning:

Activated charcoal indirectly remove the alcohol from the body. It prevents the poisoning of toxins like artificial sweetener and chemicals. In order to reduce the blood alcohol concentration activated charcoal should consume along with alcohol.

Mold cleansing:

Toxic mold can cause severe health problems like vomiting, headaches, respiratory distress, impaired immune system, eye irritation, liver failure and heart disease. The molds can grow and migrate from place to place. Normally the infection includes rashes, wheezing, coughing, eye watering and headache. The charcoal along with other compounds are used to remove the molds.

Water Filtration:

Activated charcoal is a good mean of water filtration across the world. The tap water becomes toxic with fluorides and other chemicals. The home systems should contain the activated charcoal water filters. Although it is unable to trap the bacteria, viruses and minerals of hard water but it can effectively remove the chemicals, pesticides and other solvents.


Activated charcoal can clean the toxic materials from the body. It prevents the damage to liver and kidney. Activated charcoal flush out chemicals and toxins from the body. Two capsules should be taken after eating the nonorganic food and heavy meal. To prevent pre-mature aging, we should get rid of toxins in our body every day.


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