Smartphone syndrome

Today, the majority of people keep themselves connected to technological devices such as smartphones, tablets and computers for several hours.
Everyone takes the form of question mark which is constituted with a head tilted forward, shoulders in round format while the stomach quite close to the knees.
Such a position has many consequences on several parts of the body, not to mention the deformation of your skeleton: you will have difficulty in the level of the upper back, the muscles of the neck, the hands, the wrists and the forearms.
Even the weight of your head increases with time, you should know that for each advancement of head to 3 cm, you take 5 Kg more weight in the head and therefore more pressure on your neck and on the upper back !
Now you have no more excuses to stay in this state since there are effective solutions to prevent Smartphone Syndrome in the following lines:
1 / Never bend your head down to read or write on your device (phone or computer), always take good posture and put the Smartphone in front of your eyes like this, you will have more trouble with the back and neck .

2 / Keep hands-free kits at your fingertips
3 / Practice Chin Tuck exercises and wall angels that perfectly consolidate your neck and back:
Chin Tuck is an exercise that can be done either standing or sitting, just keep your shoulders rolled back and down. With your eyes straight and forward, your fingers are to be placed on your chin, which you make enter thoroughly while the head must be positioned backwards. So stay for 5 seconds maximum and you return to the normal state, this procedure is to repeat for 10 times.

Chin Tuck exercise
Wall Angels is an exercise that consists in keeping the feet almost 12 cm from the wall while forming a fold at the knees.
Your head as well as the spine should be against the wall and the shoulder blades are to stick in having the W shape with the arms, this position is to keep for 3 seconds.