What to do for heart failure

Heart failure is a health crisis that can affect anyone without distinguishing their age and the unexpected especially if you do not know their signs. In this article, we will present some clues and how to act in case of cardiac malaise.
As we mentioned above, heart failure affects anyone who has done a lot of work or people who have suffered from acute stress / fatigue, and of course it affects a lot of people with a history of heart disease.
Signs of cardiac malaise
In general, the person affected by the cardiac malaise feels:
• acute pain in the chest
• sweats and nausea
• tingling in the arms and / or jaw or upper body.
What to do in case of cardiac malaise?
After having detected the cardiac malaise through the predefined symptoms, it is necessary to react immediately. At first, you must put the victim in a sitting or lying position so that he is comfortable so you ask him the question and after, you ask him some information: his age, is there any discomfort before, does he take any medication?
All this information is to be communicated to rescuers or paramedics, when you call them, for them to take charge.
Training on the right actions in case of cardiac malaise
On the internet, you can find several free trainings (do a search on youtube) or pay to learn the good actions that save in case of cardiac malaise. If you do not, you can take certified training from firefighters, rescuers or others near you.
Do not hesitate to inquire at the health center closest to you!


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