heart disease

According to several studies, people who have a high fiber diet have a lower risk of developing heart disease. And after further research, it emerges that life expectancy can be prolonged after a heart attack if the diet concerned is rich in fiber.

A desired lifestyle change

The researchers say that it is necessary to know the different steps that patients who have undergone a heart attack have to change their lifestyle to increase their life expectancy. In their investigations, they wanted to know if increasing fiber in a diet after a heart attack has a positive impact on long-term in our health. Data were rigorously analyzed in the context of this work. This is information about the habits and lifestyles of people who have suffered a heart attack. These data were obtained from a survey that was to be completed every two years. Depending on the consistency of the fibers in the diet of the persons concerned by the study, 5 groups were set up.

Results obtained after experiments

It emerged from these experiments that in the group of people – that is, group 1 – who most often consume dietary fiber, the risk of having all-cause cancer within 9 years of the cardiovascular event has decreased Of 25%. The finding was not the same in the group where people consumed less dietary fiber. Still in group 1, the risk of death from cardiovascular disease, myocardial infarction, stroke and other cardiac disease decreased by 13% during the follow-up period. In conclusion, if one consumes dietary fiber regularly after a heart attack, one is more likely to live long.