Set Realistic Fitness Goals

4 Tips To Set Realistic Fitness Goals for a long time

Losing weight is a tough battle. It may be a battle that you’ve won several times before, but odds are, you’ve lost the battle...

30 coconut oil uses for your health that you ignore !

Coconut oil is widely used by women for well being and beauty but you should know that it is a natural product with other...
5 minutes of breath by Stacey Schuerman

5 minutes of breath can improve your life by Stacey Schuerman

We are so empressed everyday with our studies, our problems, work and that's why we feel ourselves more anxious because we don't take moment...
treatments of constipation

5 Natural treatments of constipation to adopt

We often feel the constipation that irritates us for some time due to stress, poor diet or excess consumption of white flour and processed...
Smartphone syndrome

How to prevent Smartphone syndrome daily ?

Today, the majority of people keep themselves connected to technological devices such as smartphones, tablets and computers for several hours. Everyone takes the form of question...

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