Selenium is a compulsory mineral for a human. Its function is to protect cells from oxidizing stress and help produce hormones through thyroids.

Selenium as Antioxidant

This works as a strong antioxidant in a human body. It neutralizes the useless radicals to resist and prevent the cells to damage. Glutathione peroxidases and thioredoxin reductases is produced as it connects or mixes with proteins. So the cellular level is anti-oxidized by these proteins.

How selenium benefits your body

This improves the blood flow and enhances it, moreover it also resist the human body to get attacked by diseases. The main purpose is that it helps in fighting through cancer cells and fighting viruses to keep your heart healthy. Selenium also boosts up your immune system and proves to be helping the diseases to progress very slow and counteracting the manufacture of virus along with HIV. It is said that in order to live a healthier life for a very long time, you need to add selenium in your diet plan. Observations have been passed which showed that selenium supplements are more likely to experience less asthma as compared to the ones who took also plays a major role in fertility for both high and low sperm selenium concentrations. Selenium is present in the sperm mitochondria as it might affect the movement of the sperm through the vaginal canal.

Is selenium causing any risk?

It is one of the major minerals for the humans. It helps in many ways such as in fertility, movement of blood, acts as antioxidants and also plays the main role in keeping the metabolism rate well maintained. Scientists believe that 200 mg dose per day, which can help your DNA to reduce the risk of cell mutations and cancer development. It has also shown that the soils, which have low selenium cancer levels increases in those areas, full of selenium.
Therefore, too much of excess of selenium can cause few problems like nausea, bad breath, kidney problems and many more side effects however it is only possible due to an overdose of selenium.


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