Essential oils for anxiety

Anxiety is a very hard challenge to face which makes the person use the essential oil as it becomes very important. This oil contains the same amount of substances like frankincense, lavender, and bergamot. Most of the patients who were facing the problem of stress and anxiety were tested by massaging their hands with the essential oil, all of them reported to have reduced pain, and depression as it was not the same when the massage was done alone. There are many essential oils such as lavender, rose, etc. The best is that all of these essential oils are naturally extracted from plants, roots, leaves bark and flowers.

Essential oil benefits

You can get immediately calm by inhaling the lavender. It is best suitable for offices, traveling or in a crowded place, as you just have rub around 3 drops on your palm and smell it, which would reach your amygdale for emotion and quickly revives it and gives a relaxed feeling. To relieve a stress headache, you need to put few 3 drops again on the temple and rub it there to feel relaxed or you can just simply apply it on your wrist or feet if you feel a full body stress. Every patient requires different types of essential oil as they can use the oil on any part of their body.
If a patient used the oil for pain and it works fine and the other one uses who feel low and depressed and uses the oil might not feel the way he wanted but the opposite way round. That is one of the reasons why it is known as adaptogens as they seriously adapt the needs of the person. This is the reason why essential oils work so great in different kinds of stress in different individuals. Therefore, you do not have to go for drugs or any other kinds of addiction to relieve stress when there are many types of essential oil waiting for you. So take any of the kind relax your mind with the best very ever.


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