eat coconut oil every day

Coconut oil makes a person energetic and healthy.  It’s a metabolism boosting fat that improves the digestion and reduce inflammation. It’s normally use to prevent the premature aging and degenerative disease. Coconut oil promotes weight loss, reduce hunger and blood cholesterol level.

You should eat more coconut oil by the following ways:

Use coconut oil by spoonful:

If you want to deal with the problem of overweight, then use spoonful coconut oil daily. Eat coconut oil 20 minutes before the meal to boost up the metabolism and to reduce appetite.

Cook with coconut oil:

Try to cook the food in coconut oil. Less refine and pure virgin coconut oil is best for cooking. Coconut oil is free of chemicals as it is processed without the use of solvents.

Coconut oil fried chicken:

Coconut oil can be used to fry the chicken and vegetables. The taste of the coconut oil fried chicken is amazing so it is best way to eat healthy food.

Add coconut oil in your tea or coffee:

Tea or coffee is a best source to eat more coconut oil. Add 2 teaspoon coconut oil in the hot cup of tea and stir it properly. Coconut oil can be blended in the coffee for a best taste.

Mix it with nut butter:

You can add coconut oil in the nut butter after melting. Normally almond and peanut butter causes the separation of oil on the upper portion of the jar so peanut oil should be replaced by the coconut oil.

Eat chocolates of coconut oil:

These chocolates are made by using digestion improving coconut oil. You can freeze them to use for metabolism boosting any time whenever you want.

Add it into the yogurt:

You can eat more coconut oil after mixing it with yogurt. Try to add coconut oil slowly after melting. Mix it properly to have a homogenize mixture.


One of the easiest way to mix a small amount of healthy fat in heavy meal is to use oatmeal with coconut oil, blueberries and tablespoon.

Coconut oil soft gel:

If you want to add coconut oil in your daily diet plan then you can consume coconut oil capsules. These supplements are easily available in the local food stores.

Coconut oil should be consumed in a small amount to enjoy the benefits. 2 to 3 tablespoon coconut oil is best to use daily. Coconut milk and butter is a healthy source to promote the chain of fatty acids. It is a best natural oil product.


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