healthy breakfast

Consuming the perfect breakfast primes you to have the kind of healthy day which can help your body to function like an amazing temple. If that’s what you want, then you cannot compromise with protein. Going for high protein breakfast less than 300 calories can keep you alert, awake and concentrated. It helps you keep full and saturated, so you wouldn’t get an urge to eat again too soon. In order to calculate the complete protein consumption in a day, multiply your weight by 0.8 and aim for around 15gm of it for your breakfast.

Some of the tastiest and loveliest breakfast enriched with proteins and under 300 calories are mentioned below:

  • Tomato zucchini Frittata- It provides around 230 calories and lump sum 15gm of proteins in every serving.
  • Chia Yoghurt Power Bowl- When you submerge chia in Yoghurt, they swell. This helps you have a breakfast which keeps you extra saturated till lunch. Enjoy 198 calories of breakfast with 16gm of proteins each in every serving.
  • Lemon Poppy Seed Protein Pancakes- Who doesn’t like pancakes and if they are nutritious then better for you. Enjoy healthy lemon poppy seed pancakes of 205 calories and 19gm muscle building protein content.
  • Easy Vegan Omelet- This amazingly healthy food item comes with 232 calories and high protein content of 22gms. And, all you need to do is whip the egg up and you’re good to go!
  • Cinnamon Protein Smoothie- Speaking of eating something delicious yet health, the 238 calories and 25gm protein cinnamon smoothie could calm your taste buds easily. Just kick start the day with something sweet and energetic and enjoy the whole day enriched.
  • Microwave, Veggies and Egg Sandwich- It is easy to make, portable if you wish you eat it while you’re on the go. Enjoy this 262 calories and 17gm of protein breakfast and stay active for the whole day.

Having high protein food for breakfast is important, especially if you’re on a diet to eat breakfast less than 300 calories. So, go for these dishes… they are not just healthy but tasty too! You will love them.