treatments of constipation

We often feel the constipation that irritates us for some time due to stress, poor diet or excess consumption of white flour and processed foods. In some cases, on feeling the presence of gas or even hemorrhoids and to lighten your colon, on you offer practical tips and remedies against constipation in this costume:

Strong fiber intake:

Have a habit of eating foods high in fiber that make digestion easier and easier. Fiber-based foods include flour, walnuts, figs, dried prunes and almonds.

Drinking enough water:

Water is categorically important alongside the fiber to simplify the digestion of food consumed during the day, so keep a bottle of water at your fingertips. Your body will be less toxic and will concretize more metabolism.

Drinking water

Coconut oil:

The virgin coconut oil is a real food to be adopted daily to maximize the metabolism in a more accelerated way and to clear all the toxins that appear in your organism. Mix one spoon of this oil in a bowl of water and you drink it, you can take this solution 3 times daily 30 min before any meal especially if it is copious chosen that is not advised.

Fresh tomatoes, beetroot and kiwi:

Having the habit of eating puree of fresh tomatoes allows the bowel to function better and let’s not forget that the best and the kiwi have miraculous effects on constipation.

Keeping the skin of fruits and vegetables:

Eat the skin of fruits and vegetables instead of peeling it because it includes unrefined fibers and sugars so it is up to you to benefit from it until 2-3 times a day without fearing anything.

fruits and vegetables



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