breakfast under 300 calories

Every day, prepare breakfast is a ritual adjusting weight gain while minimizing the longer hunger. Since this is the first meal we consume, we must start with good and healthy choice to accentuate your energy. In what follows, we present a list of healthy breakfasts and enriched with less than 300 calories.

Burritos with scrambled eggs Burritos with scrambled eggs:
After 15 minutes you will have this breakfast rich in protein (about 15 grams) with exceptional flavor spices.
To prepare, you need eggs, low-fat milk, cilantro, butter, low fat cheddar cheese, fat-free tortillas, tomatoes and sauce.
Calories: 259

Cornflake Crunch French Toast Cornflake Crunch French Toast:
With the varieties of cornflakes found on the market, it will be wise to include in your lunch cleverly leveraging of French toast classic virtues. The basic recipe can be modified by using skim milk and / or whole wheat bread (fewer calories) to the meal is lighter.
You will need cornflakes, eggs, low-fat milk, vanilla extract, whole wheat bread, butter, maple syrup and fresh fruit.
Calories: 150 calories per piece.

Muffins banana and corn Muffins banana and corn:
Agreed to any situation, these sweet muffins are an ingenious way to enjoy your ripe bananas. Also, remember that bananas inhibit the generation of stomach fat level thanks to its high concentration of starch.
You need: banana, low fat milk, mix corn muffins, cooking spray
Calories: 199
Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, spinach and chives
A dish rich enough in protein ensuring good energy and a perfect heart health while shaping ensures a decrease in calories at 40 and saturated fat up to 2 grams per serving.
You will need olive oil, eggs, smoked salmon, low fat cheese, fresh spinach, whole wheat English muffins, chives
Calories: 210

Greek yogurt, chocolate, nuts and wild blueberries

Greek yogurt, chocolate, nuts and wild blueberries
Dark chocolate and blueberries are rich in beneficial antioxidants nutritious food for the heart. You just have to mix the two and include other foods to boost heart health!
It takes only Blueberries, Greek yoghurt, dark chocolate chips, oats and nuts.
Calories: 265

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