Food to stay young

Ensuring the health of your body requires adopting a set of habits that make a big difference to the quality of your life and that remain within your reach. The first step is to review your daily consumption habits and in this article you are offered foods rich in vitamins and minerals with anti inflammation and anti oxidation to stay younger.

Maple syrup :

Extracted from the maple tree, this syrup has a remarkable characteristics as anti-aging since it includes antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and zinc. On the other hand, it is to be consumed with more precaution since this syrup is sweet (1 spoon on a daily basis is sufficient).


Rich in silica, cucumber is a food that hinders inertial memory or learning disorders that are related to Alzheimer’s in addition it plays a radical role in the bloodstream in the body as well as repairing the muscles.
The cucumber is effective also to limit the swelling of the eyes and the presence of cellulites so do not hesitate to use it for your grandmother recipes.


Coconut oil :

Extra virgin coconut oil is the best food we can advise you to ensure proper skin hydration especially if you use it every day for a few weeks.

Edible flowers:

Besides the flowers with which we decorate our pieces, we also find edible flowers that are efficient for the health of our bodies and this is proved by scientific research.
You should know that these edible flowers such as rose petals have inflammatory and antioxidant properties such as leafy green vegetables such as kale, spinach and chard containing calcium and fiber.

Edible flowers


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