Insomnia Tips

After a long tiring day of work, you want to rest and enjoy a quiet night. On the other hand, several people suffer from difficulties to sleep better reason why there are 3 practical tips to avoid insomnia!
1 – Trying to sleep early:
According to several scientific researches, one must not go beyond midnight to go to sleep since there are hormones favor the sleep to better rest. Therefore, do not watch TV and avoid sitting in front of your computer or smartphone.
Once you feel your eyes lock up spontaneously, you no longer have to resist because this is the stage of sleep.
2 – Body temperature:
In order to have a more calm and lasting sleep, it is essential to ensure that the body temperature is moderate and not too high. The temperature of the room must also be on a good level neither too cold nor too hot.
3 – Light dinner:
Nutrition specialists recommend eating a less generous diner around 20: 00-21: 00 at the most, also include fruit and liquid foods to simplify the digestion process.
You can take fruits and vegetables in salads!