On Madeleine Olivia’s Youtube channel, I was able to see a rather interesting and rich video at the level of content without feeling monotony for 10 minutes. These are 25 wellness habits that will positively change your life forever that I transcribe as follows:

1 / Drinking water: Drinking water for 2 liters per day but never drink a large glass of water as soon as you wake up before 30 minutes of your breakfast

2 / Breakfast: You should never deprive yourself of breakfast whatever the reasons you are going to present us. Indeed, you have to take a rich and nutritious breakfast to start your day in full energy

3 / Stop to coffee: It is not easy to stop drinking coffee but it increases the stress rate which increases your insulin levels and therefore the growth of inflammations and other negative effects on your health

4 / Gratitude and Meditation: Take a few moments to pray and thank God for all he has given you every moment that allows you to be fully connected with your creature and have positive energy

5 / Sleeping: It is better to sleep early and wake up early to start your day in good shape than to do the opposite

6 / Monthly objectives: Instead of waiting for the beginning of each year to define its resolutions, draw rather monthly objections in a reasonable way that you can accomplish and you will always be motivated to accomplish other objectives at the beginning of each month

7 / Visualization: Always keep traces (notepad, pictures …) close to you to forget your objectives and what you must accomplish as objectives.

8 / To do Lists: Depending on the objectives set, I determine the missions to be carried out during the morning so as not to lose myself any more!

9 / Outing: Because we spend the majority connected on our computers and mobiles, we forget that real life outside is very nice so have a few minutes to go out without your phone and enjoy nature

10 / Move: No matter what sport activity you are passionate about, you must leave your body in motion because it will keep your body healthy

11 / Healthy Eating: A body that exercises deserves good nutrition so take nutritious and natural foods (fruits, vegetables and seeds) instead of artificial nutrition

12 / Have a stock in the kitchen: Have a pantry in your kitchen is an important thing like that you will always have what you need and you seize the opportunities of balance!

13 / Be the chef: Instead of ordering fast food or going to restaurants, be more than happy to prepare your own dishes as you like for a minimal cost!

14 / Alcohol Stop: Alcohol drinking is bad enough for your health and stopping drinking will make you win at all levels. Even in celebrations or when you are invited, take another drink especially if you find natural juices

15 / Reading: Have a habit of reading even for a few minutes a day it will make you a huge difference on your well being and your psychology

16 / Spending time with those we love: We often forget that we are of other social and especially with the digital distractions that surround us so have a ritual to get rid for a few hours of your smartphone to live good moments with your Friends and family.

17 / Relaxation: away from work and daily stress, it is essential to dedicate a little time for yourself by having moments of total disconnection

18 / Stop counting calories: Instead of counting calories, count rather the nutritious and interesting foods you have to eat

19 / Burn Fat: You have to spend more time walking than driving your car and to motivate you, be accompanied by a good person you like

20 / Healthy snacks: when you are hungry, take healthy foods such as fruit juice or pure fruit (banana, apple or other) instead of taking all that is full of chemical aditifs

21 / Minimilation: Get rid of all that is no longer useful to you and keep that which is priority and indispensable it gives of the zenitude

22 / Minimize makeup: For the majority of girls and women, it is not easy to stop applying makeup but do not be obsessed. Have moments without putting on makeup this is beneficial for the health of your skin and even your perception on yourself

23 / Natural products: With all the beauty brands that use chemicals, it is better to take care of its beauty with natural products like coconut oil, rose water and so on

24 / Keeping your house organized: an organized and clean space can only make you more zen and productive so do not live in disorder

25 / Buy only the necessities: In marketing, we do everything so that consumers do not stop buying but you must know that too many purchases has negative effects on your well being so buy what is necessary for you